Traffic Calming On Pole Lane, Darwen

October 22, 2021

Pole Lane is a long, steep, and mostly straight road which cuts through the town of Darwen near Blackburn. A report commissioned by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council found that a majority of the more than 4000 motorists who used the lane each day were driving above the 30mph speed limit, with some reaching speeds of more than 70mph. The average recorded speed was 39mph.

Following this report, the council decided to implement traffic calming solutions to slow down vehicles and make the road safer for local residents.

Their solution was to create a series of chicanes using our surface mounted rubber traffic islands, forcing vehicles to slow down and give way to oncoming traffic. A further traffic report was conducted following their installation which found an average speed of 31mph – an overall reduction of 21%.

Rosehill traffic islands are manufactured from recycled rubber and offer excellent stability and impact absorption. Designed to accommodate a range of street furniture, each unit is fitted with retroreflective glass eyes for enhanced visibility.

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