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Half the length and less than half the weight of other units in the range.

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The one meter unit retains the same width and height as other units in the range.

Cycle Lane

Active Travel

With social distancing becoming the new normal and the UK government advising against the use of public transport while promoting ‘active travel’ to work, councils across the country are looking to rapidly expand their protected cycle lane networks and widen pavements for pedestrians.

Rosehill Highways offer a range of active travel measures which can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption – a significant benefit in heavily trafficked areas.

Cycle Lane Segregation

Our versatile Narrow Cycle Lane Defenders are the ideal solution for creating fully segregated cycle lanes where carriageway width is limited.

Featuring a half-battered kerb profile and replicating pavement kerb height, independent trials have rated them highly for safety, visibility and ease of use.

Engineered for rapid installation in cycle schemes of all sizes, the flexible rubber material accommodates curves and undulations while effectively absorbing impacts.

Lane Separators

Our versatile trio of Lane Separators can be adapted to fit a wide variety of applications; from continuous or intermittent cycle and traffic lane segregation to satellite islands and pinch points.

Each unit has the same length, width, and height, providing design flexibility and a range of configuration options; and because our products are surface-mounted and require no excavation, they can be installed quickly and easily with minimal disruption.

Traffic Islands

Made from recycled tyre rubber, our standard traffic islands range in size from 1m – 2.4m and are designed to fit a wide range of signage and other street furniture, including keep left signs, bollards, refuge posts, and lighting columns.

Like all our products they are fixed directly to the road surface and require no excavation.

Pedestrian Refuges

Each of our Traffic Islands can be configured to form Pedestrian Refuge Islands; an ideal crossing solution when a pedestrian crossing can’t be justified.

Each end of a Rosehill Highways Pedestrian Refuge is made from just one or two large rubber units, offering maximum stability and impact absorption, and like all our products they require no excavation, allowing installation in less than 30 minutes.

Speed Cushions

Our 1-piece speed cushions can be installed in less than 30 minutes without the need for excavation, resulting in minimal traffic disruption and significantly reduced installation costs.

Because they’re made from recycled tyre rubber, they have the flexibility to follow the contour of the road surface, and incorporate a unique underside profile that moulds itself to the road.

Rosehill Highways’ speed cushions are available in black or red, and can incorporate high visibility traffic direction markings and speed indicators.

Raised Tables & Zebra Crossings

Our rubber raised tables can be used as zebra crossings and configured to the width of any road, allowing kerb-to-kerb installation without excavation.

This means a new raised zebra crossing can be fitted in less than a day, significantly reducing costs and minimising disruption.

Speed Calmers

The unique Rosehill rubber speed calmer has been developed to give vehicles a smoother and more effective traffic calming alternative to traditional speed bumps.

It is a longer and less aggressive solution and reduces the impact on both customer and delivery vehicles (and their contents) in car parks, supermarkets and logistics depots.

All Rosehill products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities in Yorkshire using unique polyurethane chemistry, tailor-made for the toughest environments.

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