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Speed Calming Solutions

Our rubber speed calming solutions have been developed to provide a smoother and more effective alternative to traditional speed bumps and asphalt solutions. Our engineered rubber products are a less aggressive solution designed to reduce the impact on vehicles.

Traffic Calming Chicanes

Rosehill Highways’ substantial rubber Traffic Islands and Lane Separators can be used to create traffic-calming chicanes to slow traffic on residential streets or speeding hot spots.

Made from recycled tyre rubber, they are designed to fit a wide range of signage and other street furniture, including keep left signs, bollards, refuge posts, and lighting columns.

Speed Cushions

Our one-piece speed cushions can be installed in less than 30 minutes without the need for excavation, resulting in minimal traffic disruption and significantly reduced installation costs.

Because they’re made from recycled tyre rubber, they have the flexibility to follow the contour of the road surface, and incorporate a unique underside profile that moulds itself to the road.

Rosehill Highways’ speed cushions are available in black or red, and can incorporate high visibility traffic direction markings and speed indicators.

Raised Tables & Zebra Crossings

Our rubber raised tables can be used as zebra crossings and configured to the width of any road, allowing kerb-to-kerb installation without excavation.

This means a new raised zebra crossing can be fitted in less than a day, significantly reducing costs and minimising disruption.

Speed Calmers

The unique Rosehill rubber speed calmer has been developed to give vehicles a smoother and more effective traffic calming alternative to traditional speed bumps.

It is a longer and less aggressive solution and reduces the impact on both customer and delivery vehicles (and their contents) in car parks, supermarkets and logistics depots.