Rosehill Highways Lane Separators

February 3, 2022

Developed in response to concerns from the cycling community about the inadequate effectiveness of other products on the market, Rosehill Highways’ Lane Separators offer robust physical protection which reduces the likelihood of vehicle ingress while increasing the confidence of cyclists using the lane.
Our Lane Separators are specifically designed for roads with heavy traffic or higher speed limits due to their substantial size and strength. Available in a range of kerb profiles, they feature retroreflective glass eyes for enhanced visibility and can accommodate a wide range of bollards. With no excavation required, each unit can be installed in less than 30 minutes, minimising disruption while saving time and money. 
Manufactured from recycled tyre rubber, each solid rubber Lane Separator saves 48.3kg of carbon emissions, helping authorities and contractors to reduce their carbon footprint.

Rosehill Highways Lane Separators 2

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