Rosehill Highways Speed Cushions In Quayside, Newcastle

November 23, 2023

Rosehill Highways has recently improved pedestrian and cyclist safety in Quayside, a bustling area of Newcastle’s city centre by the River Tyne, through the installation of speed cushions. These cushions effectively moderate vehicle speeds, ensuring adherence to the area’s 20mph limit, thereby fostering a safer and more enjoyable environment.

Rosehill Highways’ Speed Cushions are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional bitumen-based traffic calming measures. Made from solid rubber, they are available as either one-piece or two-piece units. Their design allows for quick installation directly onto the road surface, minimising disruption for drivers and reducing project costs.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, Rosehill Speed Cushions are offered in both black and red. They can also be customised with high-visibility directional markings as needed, enhancing their effectiveness and visibility.

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Rosehill Highways Speed Cushions In Quayside, Newcastle 2

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