New Pedestrian Crossing On Turton Road In Bolton

November 29, 2023

Rosehill Highways’ Traffic Islands have been used to create a safe pedestrian crossing on Turton Road in Bolton, following a year-long campaign after an accident on the road. The new crossing point has improved the safety and peace of mind of local residents, as well as making a noticeable difference in driver behaviour when approaching the bend.

Our solid rubber Traffic Islands create safe pedestrian crossing points along busy main roads, improving the safety and convenience of pedestrians, especially in areas where accidents are more common.

A key feature of our Traffic Islands is their compatibility with existing street infrastructure, including streetlights, traffic signals, and signage. This adaptability allows for an improvement in road layouts and pedestrian safety without necessitating extensive or disruptive changes to the existing roadway.

Read more about the Turton Road project:

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