Alternative To Asphalt Speed Cushions

May 11, 2021

The team at GW Highways were looking for a sustainable alternative to conventional asphalt speed cushions. For this project on behalf of Kent County Council, our solid rubber speed cushions made from recycled car tyres were the ideal solution.

The recycled rubber speed cushions flex to the camber of the road and require no excavation, allowing installation in less than 30 minutes, and each 170kg unit saves 112.5kg of carbon emissions.

Billy Dunbar, Road and Footway Asset Engineer at Kent County Council, said: “Along with the impressive carbon savings, the installation time is reduced to just 25% of other conventional pre-formed and asphalt formed cushion methods. This reduced network occupancy down from 2 full daytime closures to a 1-day closure and with restricted hours.”

Alternative To Asphalt Speed Cushions 2

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