Drain Maintenance On Cycle Lanes Is Easy.

September 21, 2021

We’ve been sent this photo from Edinburgh showing just how easy it is to maintain the drains in the cycle lane on Lanark Road created using our Narrow Cycle Lane Defenders.
Developed in response to concerns from the cycling community about the inadequate size and effectiveness of other products on the market, our Narrow Cycle Lane Defenders offer robust physical protection which reduces the likelihood of vehicle ingress while increasing the confidence of cyclists using the lane.
Installed quickly and with minimal disruption, our Narrow Cycle Lane Defenders are ideal for both temporary and permanent schemes and have been used across the country to create new one-way systems, upgrade protected cycle lanes, and widen pavements.
Sustainably manufactured in the UK using recycled tyre rubber, they are the perfect solution for segregating traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Drain Maintenance On Cycle Lanes Is Easy. 2

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